About ME

Hello my name is ChisdealHD People call me Grant or CHIS, I am a Cutie Streamer With Small content

I been on Twitch almost a 4 to 8 years from 2016

I am Small streamer and I love to Grow my YouTube channel and Twitch be a Biggest Community as I can.

I was happy I got Twitch Aflicate and got Twitch Prime for free of my MUM and I worked hard Streaming and bringing out lot good Content/Warframe Users out there. I am a Small Warframe community and I love to be partner with them and Discord partner so I can get discord .gg URL, My goal is Bringing Games you guys like and Play together make Big community with Others and Help Others As well.

I’m planning on few streams is Play Hypixel Minecraft for basic game and till I fully upgrade my PC step by Step then I can play bigger games what you guys get Mind Blow.

after I get Parts/Gear I can Help Users/Members on Warframe and Other games on Stream lie Help get Banshee Prime and Etc. and other games like Diablo 3 and few others I can help you rank up too not extra cost for helping others all FREE.

Some of you seen my Avatar / Background, i removed my logo because since we had issues past of things that effect me lost 7 friends i deside delete them logos off from it.

some things need know about my logo and background

there be lot Twitch Streams and YouTube Videos to Come soon, just want you guys show some RAWR LOVE help me push this threw.